Manière started with a simple goal – to design well fitted quality shirts for Men.

A combination of craftsmanship, attention to detail and creativity that makes every piece unique and timeless. Our small but efficient team is based in Jaipur, designing collections to provide a tangible alternative to the culture of fast fashion that has become so prevalent today.

This means we visit the non-mechanised looms across India to acquire the very best of cotton and Khadi. Our work doesn’t just end with that perfectly breathable fabric, we also believe in sweating out the details that go unrecognized while you pick clothes off the rack. We play along the plackets that fall exceptionally, darts that won’t crease, fall as great as a bespoke shirt, wooden buttons and the right length of shirt.

We aim to find the right balance between brand growth and traditional crafts. For this we work with weaving and block printing artisans directly and ethically to make products that are stylish and modern.

We are proudly made in India.

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